The floating purifying system below is a kind of houseboat with intergrated purifying system and an bottling plant where peoples can get bottled 1.5ltr. & 5ltr. drinking water bottles. It can be used in any kind of river and Deltas. The price depends on the capacity of the bottling and purifying plant. But can be between 200.000 – 400.000 USD.

This unit even can be constructed to be transportet over land from one lake or river to another one by special truck.

The drinking water output can be enough for up to 10.000 peoples a day...



                 The floating modular system

This system is an versatile system that bases on containers which are set on an float.

It is an combination between an floating shool or library with kitchen and combined with an purifying & bottling plant. But it can be also enhanced with other uses like as for example a medical center as it a modular system.

The idea behind is to drive along an river or large lake to visit the little villages which are hard to reach by road. The peoples can rent books, the childrens can be teached by teachers like in a shool while having fresh water to drink as well they can get eat on the unit etc.

This unit would be pre-produced in Germany and delivered as a kit in parts to any worldport to be assembled on site under the guidance of an german engineer from the factory who has done the construction.

The price depends on the performance, equippment and size. But would be between 200.000 - 500.000 USD.

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