The HAPU produces potable, fresh water in regions where there are few bacteria-free drinking water is available.

It is especially designed for families for home filtering the water. Or for travelling.

As it is easy to take away to any place where there is no fresh but more or les just contaminated water available.

In many countries in their cities there is not real drinking water coming out of the faucet in the apartments or house.

Peoples must buy expecive drinking water either in supermarket or from watertrucks who comes in the towns to serve and sell drinking water - which are also not alway is 100% bacterie free


Our HAPU can make it possible to stay at home, take the water from the faucet on the wall, filter it through the HAPU filtering system - and drink it! It´s 99,9% free from any bacteries after filtering.

HAPU can filter up to 50ltr, per hour. As a result of this investmet in the HAPU, no need to buy anymore the expencive water from the supermarket.

It is very compact and only wheights about 3 kg.


The price for the HAPU is 199 USD. Volume buyers ask for special prices.

The system is very simple. Open the screwable cap on top, fill in the water which you like to get filtered and then wait a momelt until it was running throught an filtersystem and comes out down below clean at the faucet.

Then you can drink the water with pleasure and without any danger.

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