MOWAP is the abbreviation for MOBILE WATER PURIFYER. It square and an ample feet tall. To use it comes to natural disasters, because the water supply is then, especially in remote areas, an urgent problem. After natural disasters wells and rivers are often polluted with bacteria and other pathogens.

People suffering from diarrhea, cholera and other diseases that are due to contaminated water. Not infrequently, this leads to death, especially in children. MOWAP intended to prevent.

A membrane filter filters out 99.99% of bacteria and pathogens. So there is no need of energy, chemicals, or other additives. For several months, MOWAP can provide up to 1000 peoples and even more with clean drinking water every day.


This MOWAP is an purifying system designed on modular basis. The standart version can purify either 300 or 600 or 900 ltr. of drinking water. If demanded, by adapting another purifying container,

it can increase into up to double or triple purifying volume. The adaption can follow also later once it is seen that the demand is higher as thought at the beginning.

In the upper container will be filled the waste water which flows usually by gravity throught an special pre-filter which sits in between the both containers and then down into the purifying container.

As to see on the example pictures below, several water tanks can adapted together to increase the waste water reservoir. But also below can be set another purifying container to double the purifying you.


It is designed to be very robust to face also hard treatments during their use.

This system should be placed close to an fountain, a river or a lake where the water is undrinkable.

The water pre-filter should be checked and cleaned periodically after 2-3 month. The purifying on yearly basis - depending the filtered water. But can also be every 2-3 years in case the waste water isn´t that worse.

The system itself doesn´t need any electrical power.

The price starts at 990 USD for the 300ltr./h. version with upper waste water container – and goes up to 1800 USD for the 900ltr./h version.

The prices includes shipping cost to any worldport.

Min. order about 20 units (full containerload).





this pump can be driven either by an solar- or windpower system. Alternatively possbily also by an manually driven power generator.


this pump is the one we use in our HAMOP system. it works by hand when pulling down the button on top it sucks water from the water source into the tank.



Here below we show simple systems to produce electrical power if a manual filling of the water containers is not desired but electric driven waterpump is more preferred to use.

These "powerstations" can be rather simple selfconstructed with local materials. For these systems we can provide building plans for free so that it can be constructed by the users themself on site if interested.



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