The MOPUS100 produces portable, fresh water in regions where there are few bacteria-free drinking water is available.

Due to unsafe drinking water, many diseases are still transmitted in many countries around the world.

It is safest to drink filtered water. Daily drinking water for as for example for a little village, a shool, a hospital or whatever somewhere out in the country to filter is no small thing. Which filtersystem else that it available on the market for a very reasonable price creates so much fresh water for that price in a rather short time?

MOPUS can filter up to 1200 L of water per day. As a result, entire schools or small villages have access to even bad water have to be supplied with drinking water daily.


The MOPUS it is designed to be an mobile filtering system that can be easy used and transportet to any place where is any kind of water in any shape available.

It is available in 3 different capacities. The BASIC version can filter about 100ltr. per hour but it needs a permanet water refilling so that there is continues flow.

The COMBI 100 version got an 100ltr. watertank which has to be filled up by hand with a bucket from the water source about every hour once a time.

The combi 200 are 2 x combi 100 sticked together into an overpack salvage drum and filters about 200ltr. per hour.

Especiall this unit can serve a little village or shool everyday with clean drinking water,



it doesn´t need normally any electrical power as the water flows throught the gravitiy into the filtering system and drains out at the faucet.

This system is very servicefriendly. It has an flat-prefilter which sits between the watercontainer and filtering container. This filter should be checked on weekely basis.

t is easy to check as only the water container has to be taken off and to look wether there are some larger dirt paticles as for example are on the filter. The purifying filter should be checked every about 2 years to be cleaned.

The price depends on the capacity & performance. The BASIC 100 = 490 USD, the COMBI 100 = 640 USD, the COMBI 200 = 1180 USD. Prices includes shipping cost to any worldport.

Volume buyers ask for special prices.

Minimum order are 30 units of each product from your interest.

Sample orders are possible. For sample add about 20-30% on top of the prices.



If demanded, we also can supply a special sack trolley together with spare, reinforeced water container as a help to pick up more comfortable the water from the source to the MOPUS purifyer. 

The water container can be supplied as well with open top as also with screwable cover. The sack trolley got an special belt to tighten the container to the trolley so that the container don´t get lost on the way back...

This unit (sack trolley with water container) together cost about 69 USD when shipped together with the MOPUS.


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